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Sew Happy Studios opened doors on February 1st, 2021.


Meet the Teachers

Marcia, owner of Sew Happy Studios, has been sewing for over 12 years. It all started with a Teddy Bear and has grown into owning her own shop! She jokes that she couldn't fit anymore into her house, so she had to move out. Really, she just wanted to share her love of sewing with everyone she can. She loves the variety of things that she can make and watching a project come to life. More importantly, it makes her heart happy to see the joy other people have in creating something they didn't know they were capable of.

She will sew anything, from bags to clothes, quilts to blankets. She also does machine embroidery and vinyl cutting. She attended a fashion design program in California and got a wealth of knowledge about fabric and patterns along with lots of tips and tricks.

From that experience she learned her true passion is quilting.

Kim has been sewing since early childhood. Having newly retired, she now has the time to share her love of sewing and enjoy teaching others how to sew. She said she's not sure where, but she found this sewing philosophy some time back... "In sewing there are rules and standards, but everyone should be free to follow them as they wish. You first need to decide why you're sewing and what standard you wish the finished product to have. Then you can decide what skills you need and what rules you should follow. Sewing can be highly mathematical, or it can be purely creative. Most people end up somewhere in between"

Some of you have met her before but she will be leading new classes and events.

Julia learned to sew from her mother, from whom she learned the joy of sewing dresses. Her mother
would often sew a new dress over a weekend and happily wear it to work the next week. Julia is a fabric
and pattern collector, a crocheter and knitter, and more recently has dabbled in art journaling and
journal making. Julia has spent a considerable amount of time learning the science of garment fitting,
first learning the flat pattern method of fitting, then the pivot and slide technique taught by Nancy
Zieman, and finally the fitting approach taught by Sarah Veblen ( As a young
woman, fitting issues (and skills) were minimal, but with age and weight changes Julia had to acquire
more skills to produce a successfully fitting garment. She loves to sew with natural fibers-linen, cotton,
rayon, and knits. In more recent years she enjoys using patterns from independent pattern companies
such as StyleArc, Pattern Emporium, Love Notions, Closet Core Patterns, Grainline Studio, and Sinclair
Patterns. Julia believes in keeping sewing as simple as possible and the creativity alive. “Sewing is a
creative outlet, a way to express love to family and friends, and is a place to go and find calm when that
is what is most needed.”

We offer sewing and quilting classes for kids and adults. There are options for group weekly classes, private, semi-private and special event classes. Are you brand new to sewing and want to see what it's all about? Do you sew but want to start quilting? Need help with a specific project? A quilt, dress or bag? Did you get an embroidery machine but scared to take it out of the box? We can help!! We will guide you through each step of the process and teach you tips and tricks for a sew happy life!

Come and sew with us. Even better, grab a friend or 2 lets get creative!

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