All The Information!

This sewing class will work through a curriculum designed specifically for your child. This is a fun, educational workflow where everyone will learn and grow across the fundamentals and advanced techniques of sewing.

Details of the class is as follows:

• Classes are 1 hour long and meet once a week.

• Program does require a yearly $50 registration fee – Your child will work through a binder in the studio. At the end of the year this binder is yours to keep and work from.

• Monthly fee is $70

• Materials are not included.

o We do offer fabric and notions at competitive prices.

o You are welcome to bring your own fabric and they can be stored in the students supply box.

o You can set up an account to prepay for materials. As they are used, we will deduct the amount from your account and give a statement at the end of the month. Any unused payment will be refunded at the end of the year.

Class Policies
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